Choosing the Right Doctor for Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Finding the right doctor is essential when considering an aesthetic treatment to address specific skin concerns or issues.

Whether you’re interested in injectables, fillers or any other skin rejuvenation treatment, ensuring that your health and wellbeing are in trustworthy and experienced hands can determine the success of your treatment.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the necessary steps to assist you on your search to find the right doctor for your aesthetic treatment requirements.

Research potential clinics and doctors

Before booking a consultation or having your desired treatment, the best place to start is to conduct research and compare potential treatment practitioners. The first thing that you should ensure is that your doctor is GMC registered. This ensure that they are fully qualified and will have your health and wellbeing as a priority.

We advise against choosing your doctor based on who’s the closest, as you may miss out on some incredible practitioners offering incredible results. You can also search for recommendations and reviews from trusted sources such as friends, family, healthcare professionals, or Google.

Verify their credentials and qualifications

Once you’ve completed your research and shortlisted potential clinics and practitioners, you must verify their qualifications and experience.

For reliable results, seek out medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields and hold the appropriate and necessary qualifications related to medical aesthetics.

Whether you contact the clinic directly or use the official GMC website to find a doctor’s record on the medical register, this can confirm that they’ve undertaken the adequate training needed to perform your treatment and have experience performing the procedures for others.

Check for a clean and safe environment

Visiting the clinics you’ve shortlisted can offer many benefits before booking your treatment. It can provide you with an idea of what the treatment rooms are like and allow you to speak to and meet the potential doctor performing your treatment. This will allow you to get a feel of the facility you will be having your treatment before putting pen to paper.

Medical clinics where the doctor provides best practices with overall cleanliness and safety standards should be essential to your choice. A well-maintained and clean environment is critical in ensuring your safety and desired results.

Consider a specialist for your treatment

Aside from qualifications, experience also plays a significant role in medical aesthetic treatments. You should look for practitioners who have a long-term experience in performing the specific procedure you are interested in.

Additionally, it is important to consider whether they are a specialist in the treatment area you are interested in. This can include injectables, skin rejuvenation, aesthetics and more. It is worth asking if the practitioner who will perform your treatment is in training or has performed it many times.

Read reviews and patient testimonials

A great way to gain a goo insight into the quality of a particular clinic or doctor is to read their reviews online. This will give you a great idea of their reputation, the experience that other patients have had and whether or not they are applying best practices.

We recommend checking reputable review websites, like Google, TrustPilot, and WhatClinic, and even social media channels for up-to-date feedback from previous patients. It is essential to consider both positive and negative reviews during your search. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of your potential doctor’s ability and the experience you can expect to have.

Pre and post-treatment pictures can also help make your decision; however, be careful, as photos can be edited and may not have been taken at the clinic you are researching.

Book a consultation and communicate your goals

Before any treatment takes place, it is common to book an initial consultation with your chosen clinic. Here you will be able to understand their communication skills and attentiveness to your concerns on a personal level.

It is imperative that during your consultation, you come prepared with questions to ask about the treatment process, any potential risks, the results to be expected, your recovery and aftercare, and also the cost of your chosen treatment.

Suitable doctors should take the time to address your queries and concerns, answering them with detailed and understandable explanations. It should be their priority to ensure that you feel comfortable and well-informed at every step of the process.

You should also never be pressured to undergo any treatment. If the practitioner is vague and urging you to get a particular treatment, this should be considered a red flag. Treatments should be at your discretion and not something to be coerced into.

Trust your instincts

Overall, a gut feeling can really be helpful when selecting a doctor or clinic for your medical aesthetic treatment. If something doesn’t feel right or you don’t feel a strong sense of trust or rapport with your doctor, it is totally acceptable to continue your search before paying any money or booking any treatments.

Establishing a good relationship with the doctor or practitioner performing your treatment will provide the peace of mind you need that your body and its results are in safe and reliable hands.

Choose a qualified & experienced injectables specialist for your medical aesthetic treatments in London

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As a CQC-registered clinic, it is our priority is to ensure you enjoy a comfortable treatment and have confidence in your safety and results. Our goal is to ensure that patients are satisfied with their treatment before, during and after, helping you to make informed decisions about your treatment at every step of your journey.

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