Aftercare for Dermal Fillers London

Complete Aftercare Guide: Dermal Fillers

So you’ve had your dermal fillers treatment, but what’s next?

Arguably one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today, Dermal Fillers have become the go-to for reducing the early signs of ageing.

With any cosmetic treatment, it’s always important to be aware of what to expect following your treatment and the appropriate aftercare to make sure you’re getting the most out of your treatment.

To help you understand what to expect following a dermal filler treatment, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Aftercare and maximising your results.

We hope that you find this guide helpful and if your questions aren’t answered, get in touch with our friendly specialist team for more information or to book a consultation.

Avoid massaging or touching the treated area for 24 hours

We recommend that you give your filler time to heal before touching, rubbing, or kissing the skin.

In fact, you should avoid touching on or around the treated area while it heals.  Bacteria from your hands can get into the injection site, potentially irritating the area and cause infection.

Expect bruising & swelling, and avoid massaging the area

As with most cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers come with a few common side effects. 

Bruising and swelling is rare, however often subsides within a few days. Patients must avoid any facial massages/face rollers etc for at least 4 weeks after the fillers have been placed.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours after treatment

It’s important to keep your blood pressure low, avoiding strenuous activities or exercise for up to 48 hours following treatment.

You could risk delaying your results. When getting a filler injection the blood vessels rupture and become bruised. By raising your blood pressure, through exercise, you risk delaying the bruising much longer.

Avoid saunas, steam rooms for 48 hours

Following your treatment, being exposed to temperatures within 48 hours increases your risk of bruising and swelling.

We recommend that hot environments, such as saunas, steam rooms, hot tubes and buses, are avoided for a few days post-treatment. This is especially encouraged if you are usually prone to bruising

Eat a healthy, balanced diet, avoid spicy & salty foods

Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help your body to use its natural process to embed the filler with your natural tissue.

We recommend avoiding spicy and salty foods as these tend to cause inflammation in the body, causing the fillers to have a harder time bonding to the skins tissue.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated

Hyaluronic Acid based fillers use the water naturally stored in our skin’s tissue.

Drinking plenty of water will help your filler to hold its shape and last for longer. In fact, Juvederm (Which we use at our clinic in London) actually attracts water to keep your filler looking fuller.

Avoid blood-thinning medicine, such as ibuprofen

We would strongly advise against the use of any blood thinning medication, such as ibuprofen, following your treatment.

After any injectable treatment, bruising is a common side effect. If you are on blood thinning medication this can cause additional bruising, which will slow your healing and encourage swelling.

Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 24 hours

As alcohol is a natural blood thinner, it is advised to avoid alcohol if possible during the healing phase following your filler treatment.

Thinning the blood, as previously mentioned, can lead to increased bruising and swelling after dermal filler injections. To be on the safe side, we would recommend waiting for at least 3 days before drinking alcohol again.

Choose an experienced aesthetic specialist for your Dermal Filler treatment

Dr Apul Parikh has vast experience performing dermal filler treatments for clients and patients for over 16 years. The unique technique used is a Pan Facial approach to balance the face’s features alongside your natural beauty subtly.

Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable treatment and have confidence in your results. Our subtle style ensures that patients look fresh and rejuvenated following every treatment we perform.

Get in touch with Dr Apul Parikh to book a consultation with a medical specialist and discuss your aesthetic goals in detail.