Everything you need to know about Skin Boosters

Designed to hydrate skin and improve elasticity, skin boosters are becoming a preferred option for providing an overall boost to skin and appearance. 

If you’re looking to proactively treat the signs of ageing, or just want healthier-looking, more hydrated skin, this injectable treatment is the solution for you.

To help you understand this cosmetic treatment in more detail, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Skin Boosters. We’ll include everything from what they are, their safety, side effects and cost. 

We hope that you find this guide helpful. If you would like to book a treatment with our experienced aesthetic professionals, contact our team to book a consultation.

What are Skin Boosters?

Skin Boosters are an injectable treatment using Hyaluronic Acid to provide deep hydration for your skin. Extremely effective at promoting vibrance and glow, Skin Boosters are used to boost your skins hydration and hyaluronic acid supply.

As we age our bodys natural production of hyaluronic begins to fade, resulting in looser skin, allowing wrinkles and fine lines to form more easily. Skin Boosters, as the name suggests, provide that boost needed to maintain a youthful appearance and tackle the early signs of ageing.

How do Skin Boosters work?

Skin Boosters involve injecting a small amount of hyaluronic acid into the skin where skin may not have the laxity it needs to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, responsible for keeping skin plump, tight and wrinkle-free.

The added hyaluronic acts as a boost for the skins hydration and laxity, keeping your hyaluronic acid reserve topped up as you age. Aside from skin hydration and laxity, the skin booster solution also improves the overall texture of the skin, reinforcing a more youthful appearance.

What areas can I have treated?

Skin booster injections are commonly administered where most wrinkles and fine lines appear. This includes:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Under eye
  • Decolletage 
  • Hands
  • All the above for full rejuvenation

This treatment is also suitable for common concerns such as hair thinning and topical fat dissolving. The availability of this will depend on the experience level of your practitioner.

How long do results last?

This question can be challenging to answer as it varies depending on several factors and can vary from person to person. The duration of the results will depend on the age of the participant, their skin type, and, most importantly, their lifestyle habits.

One largely contributing factor to the longevity of your results is also the type of hyaluronic acid solution used for your injection. There are various brands available that have a slower breakdown time than others. At our clinic in London, we only use industry-leading solutions that prolong results for longer than generic brands of Skin Boosters.

In general, you can expect the results of your Skin Booster treatment to last for roughly six to nine months. Top-up treatments can help to make your results last longer and are recommended by our team.

Do Skin Boosters hurt?

With most injectable treatments, the level of discomfort you can expect to experience depends on the individual. 

For those who have no problem with needles and injections, the treatment will be relatively pain and discomfort free. The needles used for this injectable treatment are extremely fine to allow for minimal discomfort. People who have had this treatment often describe the sensation as a light pinch to the skin.

For those with a low pain threshold, local anaesthetic is often available. Please enquire with your practitioner before your treatment to allow them to make the proper arrangements to ensure that you have a comfortable experience.

How long does the treatment take?

The Skin Booster injections themselves are very quick, taking a matter of minutes to complete however, the duration of the entire treatment can vary depending on a number of factors. Variables such as the number of areas being treated, size of the treated area and the specific technique used by your practitioner can impact your treatment time. 

Overall, you can expect your Skin Booster treatment to take around 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

When will I see the results of my treatment?

The time it takes for results to be fully visible varies from person to person. This is due to the fact that our bodies produce collagen and elastin at different rates from one another. 

Although you may notice some slight improvements shortly after treatment, you can expect to experience the full extent of your results between a few days to a weeks after your treatment. If you do not notice a significant improvement in your skin after two weeks, we recommend booking a top up treatment with your practitioner.

Are there any side effects of Skin Boosters?

Like most injectable treatments, there are a few side effects, however, they are nothing major and commonly subside in the days following your treatment.

It is essential that your Skin Boosters are administered by a qualified and experienced practitioner that can safely perform the procedure using the most suitable techniques.

The side effects to expect from your Skin Booster treatment include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
Side effects often reduce over the coming days and do not prevent you from returning to work or other daily activities. However, staying hydrated will help to alleviate the side effects faster. In addition, the medical professional administering your treatment will be able to provide more information on how to deal with these common side effects.

How much do Skin Boosters cost?

The cost of this treatment depends entirely on the area being treated and the number of treatments. Please speak to one of our specialists to book a consultation and a total cost breakdown for the look you want to achieve.

As results last typically between six to eight months, we would advise you to book top-up sessions in advance to maintain your results.

Choose an experienced aesthetic specialist for your Skin Boosters in London

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At our clinic in central London, we use the latest Skin Booster techniques to provide precise results that perfectly enhance your desired facial area.

Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable treatment and have confidence in your results. Our subtle style ensures that patients look refreshed, revitalised and restored following every treatment we perform.

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