How long do Dermal Fillers Last?

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

One of the most popular solutions for adding volume and diminishing visible wrinkles, Dermal Fillers are an effective treatment with long-lasting results.

The question is, exactly how long do results of this amazing treatment last and what can be done to enjoy results for longer?

Below, our treatment specialists outline how long you can expect your dermal fillers to last and detail the steps and aftercare you can take to ensure your time between top-ups is as long as possible.

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How long do Dermal Fillers last?

So, this is a difficult one to answer as everyone is different, and results are dependent on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, having a consultation before your treatment is required to determine your individual circumstances and provide a more accurate timeline.

Other than your personal metabolism and lifestyle, things that can impact the length of your results include the type of filler used, the area you are having treated, and the amount of filler injected.

With that said, in general, most dermal fillers last between 6 to 18 months, depending on the factors mentioned above. Top-up injections will be necessary once or twice per year depending on the above. We offer a course of treatment for those that expect to have return visits to keep the volume of their fillers consistent throughout the year.

What type of fillers are best?

At our clinic in Harley Street, we only use industry-leading filler solutions to ensure that you receive only the best formula for your treatment. We use HArmonyCA filler, a new and innovative solution that contains the traditional Hyaluronic Acid, as well as a small amount of calcium hydroxyapatite to provide the added benefit of stimulating collagen formation in the skin.

HArmonyCA helps to lift, hydrate and gently add volume where it is required in the face. Ideal for patients who may have a certain amount of creepiness in their skin, and feel that the skin has thinned as it does with aging. HArmonyCA is perfect for the cheeks & jowls, & can also be used in the nasolabial/marionette and chin regions.

Results from HArmonyCA filler can be expected to last for at least 12 to 18 months. Allowing you to enjoy your results for longer than ever before.

What can I do to make results last longer?

One of the main questions our clients have regarding Dermal Filler treatments is what can be done to ensure that results last as long as they possibly can. As previously mentioned, this can be down to the individual, however there are definitely some tips that can prevent you from shortening the duration of your filler results.

Below are some of our recommendations for helping you to maximise the results of your treatment.

Choose the right type of filler

There are many types of filler out there, and different clinics will offer a multitude of options, brands and volumes. At our Harley Street clinic we use the HArmonyCA, mentioned above. This hybrid filler allows for enhanced and longer results. This is the industry-leading formula if longevity is what you are after.

At your initial consultation you will be able to discuss your options with your practitioner who will be able to guide you through the filler options.

Avoid extended sun exposure

It is generally recommended that you avoid excessive sun exposure after your dermal filler treatment. Exposure to sunlight and heat can cause excess swelling, inflammation, and encourage other unwanted side effects which could compromise results.

This is only recommended in the days following your treatment while your filler is settling. Once your initial side effects following treatment have reduced, sun exposure is absolutely fine.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will do wonders for your filler results. By keeping your body in good condition with plenty of nutrients and minerals flowing through your body, your skin health will improve, helping your fillers to flourish. By drinking enough water you will be keeping your skin hydrated and plump, enhancing your results, and holding onto them for longer than if you were dehydrated.

Avoid Smoking

We strongly recommend that you avoid smoking following your dermal filler treatment as this is proven to have a negative impact on your results. Smoking encourages decreased blood flow, a breakdown of collagen, and causes inflammation. All of these factors will breakdown your filler much faster and will reduce the visible results greatly.

Follow aftercare instructions

Following your treatment, it is expected that your practitioner will provide you with adequate aftercare guidelines to help you to maximise your results. For a summarised guide of what to expect following your own treatment, please read our Aftercare guide for Dermal Fillers

Consider top-up treatments

One way to guarantee that your results are kept for more extended periods of time would be to book regular top ups. We would recommend every 6 to 8 months following your treatment, however your practitioner will be able to advise you on a more accurate timeline.

Choose an experienced aesthetic specialist for your Dermal Fillers in London

Dr Apul Parikh has vast experience performing dermal filler treatments for clients and patients for over 16 years. The unique technique used is a Pan Facial approach to subtly balance the face’s features alongside your natural beauty. 

At our Harley Street clinic we use the truly fantastic HArmonyCA hybrid dermal filler, which provides structural support as well as improves the integrity of the skin. Results from HArmonyCA filler can be expected to last for at least 12 to 18 months, allowing patients to enjoy their results for longer than traditional filler solutions.

Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable treatment and have confidence in your results. Our subtle style ensures that patients look fresh and rejuvenated following every treatment we perform.

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