Beauty Sleep: How to Sleep after Dermal Filler Treatment

Congratulations on your dermal filler treatment! You’ve just taken a step towards enhancing your natural beauty, and now it’s crucial to ensure you get the restorative sleep you need to maximise your results.

In this blog, our experienced practitioners provide the dos and don’ts of sleeping after a dermal filler treatment. We aim to ensure your investment in rejuvenation pays off before, during, and after your treatment.

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How to sleep after Dermal Fillers without impacting results

Achieving optimal results from your dermal filler treatment involves more than just the procedure itself. Adequate sleep and proper post-treatment care are essential components of the process. By following the guidelines below and consulting with your practitioner, you’ll be on your way to a refreshed and revitalised appearance. Ensuring your beauty sleep will truly enhance your results.

Here are our recommendations for sweet dreams following your treatment:

Keep your head elevated

After a dermal filler treatment, we advise keeping your head elevated while sleeping. This helps reduce swelling, which can be a common side effect of Dermal Filler treatment. If you find this difficult, use an extra pillow to prop up your head and upper body. This will allow fluid to drain away from the treated areas.

Sleep on your back if possible

Try to sleep on your back instead of your side or stomach if possible. Sleeping on your side or stomach may inadvertently put pressure on the treated area, potentially causing the filler to shift or distribute unevenly while your sleeping.

Try to avoid pressure and friction

Be mindful of your sleeping position and the surfaces you rest your face on. Avoid lying on your face or pressing it into the pillow too forcefully. You should also consider soft silk or satin pillowcases to help reduce friction and minimise any potential irritation to your treated skin.

Stay hydrated through the day

Keeping hydrated is essential for providing your skin the best chance to recover. Drink plenty of water during the day, but be cautious about excessive fluid intake right before bedtime to prevent waking up during the night for bathroom trips.

Avoid alcohol and salty foods

Alcohol and salty foods can lead to dehydration and enhance side effects, such as swelling. Avoid both of these substances in the evening, especially on the day of and following your treatment.

Limit your physical activity following Dermal Filler treatment

We recommend avoiding strenuous physical activity and exercise on the day of your treatment and during the initial recovery period. This will increase blood flow and aggravate side effects, such as swelling. To give yourself the best chance to sleep in the evening, perhaps plan a day to do maintenance around the house or to relax and watch a movie.

Have patience with your side effects

Remember that swelling and minor bruising should be expected after dermal filler treatments. Depending on the individual and the specific treatment areas, these side effects should subside within a few days to a week. Be patient and allow your body to heal naturally. By following the advice above, you will give yourself the best opportunity to maximise results and enjoy your volumised and rejuvenated look.

Complete Guide for Dermal Filler Aftercare

Arguably one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today, Dermal Fillers have become the go-to for reducing the early signs of ageing. With any cosmetic treatment, it’s always important to know what to expect following your treatment and the appropriate aftercare to ensure you’re getting the most out of your treatment.

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