Aftercare Guide for Skin Boosters

Aftercare Guide for Skin Boosters

So you’ve had a successful Skin Booster treatment, but you want to know how to protect and maintain your results. You can do many things to maximise your results through skincare and lifestyle choices to ensure your results last.

With any cosmetic treatment, it’s always important to know what to expect following your treatment and the appropriate aftercare to ensure you’re getting the most out of your treatment.

To help you understand what to expect following Skin Boosters, we’ll cover everything you need to know about aftercare and maximising your results.

We hope that you find this guide helpful, and if your questions aren’t answered, get in touch with our friendly treatment specialists for more information or to book a consultation.

Immediate Post-Treatment Care

Effective aftercare begins the moment you leave the clinic. Below are some of the actions to consider in the days following your Skin Boosters that will help to avoid any issues during the early post-treatment stage.

Be gentle with your skin

It is important to be delicate with the treated area following your treatment. We advise that you avoid the temptation to rub or touch the treated area for at least 24 hours following your treatment. This will prevent any irritation or the risk of infection.

Avoid using makeup in the 24 hours following treatment

We strongly recommend that you avoid applying makeup for the first 24 hours following treatment. This will allow your skin to heal without anything getting into the injection site. 

We advise that if you are yet to have your Skin Boosters, that you plan to have them away from any events where you may want to wear makeup.

Avoid heavy sun exposure

Although this may be difficult during the summer months, please try to protect your skin from direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time in the days following your treatment. Doing so may put you at risk of increased inflammation and damage to your skin. 

If you need to go outdoors or into the sun for a long time, opt for shade or a hat that can protect you from the sun. It is essential that you also apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of 30SPF or higher.  

Apply a cold compress if necessary

If advised and approved by your doctor, you may apply a cold compress, such as an ice pack wrapped in a thick cloth, to help to reduce any swelling or ease discomfort following your treatment.

Post-Treatment Skincare Routine

Whether you’ve had a treatment or not, maintaining the right skincare routine is an essential part of keeping skin healthy and protected. Below are some of our post-treatment recommendations for your skincare routine.

Gentle cleansing

Be sure to cleanse the treated area gently and with a non-irritating wash, at least twice per day. Using a harsh cleanser may result in irritating any side effects that occur at the site of the Skin Booster injections.

Apply moisturiser daily

If you aren’t doing so already, we recommend that you prevent dry skin and promote hydration with a mild, hypoallergenic moisturiser. We recommend searching for a moisturiser that is fragrance-free as the chemicals responsible for the nice scent can often irritate the treatment area.

Avoid harsh products that irritate the skin

Please avoid any strong chemicals, acids, retinoids or other aggressive ingredients for the first week following your treatment. Doing so will allow the treated area to heal without any irritants potentially entering the site of the injections, which may worsen side effects.

Apply sunscreen daily

As mentioned above, ensure that you are applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30SPF or higher, even if you are spending the day indoors, in the shade or if the weather isn’t very sunny.

Nutrition & Hydration

Skin thrives when it is hydrated and fuelled with nutrients and minerals found in healthy foods. Below are some recommendations for keeping your body in the best state following your Skin Boosters.

Stay Hydrated and drink plenty of water

This one is a bit of a given. Stay hydrated to give your skin the best chance of maximising your results following treatment. Improved hydration will allow your skin to heal much more effectively and pass nutrients in the blood through the treated area, providing you with the best results imaginable. 

Ensure a balanced, nutrient-rich diet

Again, goes without saying, but in order to ensure you give your skin and results the best chance of thriving, we recommend sticking to a healthy, balanced diet, filled with nutrients and natural ingredients. Avoid fatty or fast foods as this can negatively impact results.

Lifestyle recommendations

Alongside healthy eating and staying hydrated, there are some other lifestyle recommendations that can help to give you the best chance of maximising your treatment results.

Do not smoke

Smoking is incredibly bad for your skin. Regardless of if you’ve had a treatment or not, we would highly discourage anyone who wants to maintain youthful, healthy skin from smoking. The only guarantee you’ll get from smoking is ageing much faster than if you didn’t.

Limit alcohol consumption, and avoid heavy drinking

Although many people enjoy a drink on the weekend, alcohol can severly dehydrate your skin and potentially undo a lot of the work done to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you have an event upcoming that you would like to drink during, we recommend planning your treatment away from this.

Avoid environments of excessive heat

Aside from being in the sun, other high intensity heat environments such as saunas, steam rooms and excessively hot showers should be avoided. Excessive heat can cause side effects to worsen and increase irritation of the treated area,

Listen to your treatment practitioner

Your practitioner knows best when it comes to treatments and appropriate aftercare, so please be sure to choose a reliable, qualified and experienced practitioner for your treatment.

Book follow-up appointments

Booking follow-up appointments with your treatment practitioner will allow them to monitor results and progress, keeping you well-informed following your treatment.

Speak to your practitioner about any concerns you may have

If you do experience any prolonged side effects or unusual symptoms, be sure to contact the practitioner who completed the treatment. They will be able to advise one next steps and can provide a recommendation for when may be suitable to contact your GP in rare instances of complication.

Choose an experienced aesthetic specialist for your Skin Boosters in London

Overall, Skin Boosters are the perfect treatment for those looking to effectively hydrate and rejuvenate tired and ageing skin. When having this treatment, you must follow the appropriate aftercare guidelines to ensure you achieve your desired results without any complications.

Dr Apul Parikh is an expert in administering Skin Booster treatments and can advise on this popular treatment in great detail. If you have any questions about Skin Boosters or any other treatment, please get in touch, and our team of medical aesthetic specialists will be able to help.

You can also read our Complete Guide to Skin Boosters for more information about the treatment, safety, and results.

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